Optimize exposure conditions (time and attenuator) based on a measurement

  • $I_m$: measured diffracted intensity (maximum pixel value)

  • $I_d$: desired diffracted intensity (maximum pixel value)

  • $R$: diffraction count rate (Hz, maximum pixel value per second)

  • $T(E,n)$: transmission at energy $E$ and attenuator position $n$

\[\begin{split}\begin{align} I_m &= R * tframe * nframe_m * T(E,n_m) \\ I_d &= R * tframe * nframe_d * T(E,n_d) \end{align}\end{split}\]

Solve the following equation to $n_d$ and $nframe_d$

\[\frac{nframe_d * T(E,n_d)} = \frac{I_d * nframe_m * T(E,n_m)}{I_m}\]


optimal_exposure_conditions(mot, start, ...)

Return the optimal attenuator and exposure time for each motor position.

optimize_exposure_condition(detector[, ...])

Optimize the attenuator and return the optimal exposure time.


ExposureCondition(att_position, expo_time)