blissoda provides utilities for online data analysis in BLISS.

The blissoda library does not provide code for data processing nor has any scientific libraries as dependencies. It contains the BLISS-side logic of online data processing:

  • Manage workflow triggering
    • Decide when to trigger a workflow (end of every scan, start of every scan with a diffraction camera, etc.)

    • Provide workflow parameters

    • Enable/disable workflow triggering

  • Handling workflow results
    • Plot workflow results in Flint

This logic can be specific to projects or beamlines.

blissoda is mostly used in the BLISS session setup scripts or user macros. In this case it needs to be installed in the BLISS environment. Since the actual data processing happens remotely, blissoda needs an ewoksjob installation with workers to perform the actual computations.

blissoda has been developed by the Software group of the European Synchrotron.